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    Master’s thesis從譯者與編輯的互動關係看影響商業財經書籍翻譯品質之因素 A study on how interaction between translators and editors affect the translation quality of business and finance related books鄭芸青 Cheng, Yun-Ching廖柏森 Liao, Posen Reference link
    Master’s thesis同步口譯與字幕翻譯簡化策略之研究 A Study of Simplification Strategies in Interpreting and Subtitling張懿萱 Chang, I-Hsuan陳子瑋 Chen, Tze-Wei  
    Master’s thesis跨國建築公司翻譯實務:中國子公司資源運用 Translation in a Multinational Architecture Firm: Resource Allocation in a Chinese Subsidiary王宇平 Wang, Yu-Ping陳子瑋 Chen, Tze-Wei Reference link
    Master’s thesis自由譯者與時間概念:中英譯者個案研究 Portfolio Teleworkers and Temporal Structure: A Case Study on Chinese-English Freelance Translators冷章儀 James Friesen陳子瑋 Chen, Tze-Wei Reference link
    Master’s thesis不只是兒童文學:伊索寓言功能流變 Beyond Children’s Literature: On Aesop’s Fables and Their Functional Shifts林憶珊 Lin, I-Shan賴慈芸 Lai, Tzu-Yun Reference link
    Master’s thesis同步口譯之幽默訊息處理策略之探討 An Exploration of the Strategies in Treating Verbal and Non-verbal Humor during Simultaneous Interpreting葉宸昀 Yen, Chen-Yun陳子瑋 Chen, Tze-Wei Reference link
    Master’s thesis中英會議口譯聯合專業考試對考生之意義及影響 Students’ Perception of the Implication and Influence of the Joint Professional Examination王啟安 Wang, Chi-An范家銘 Fan, Chia-Ming Reference link
    Master’s thesis口譯學生的詞彙表調查 The Student Interpreters Glossary: A Survey詹柏勻 Chan, Po-Yun汝明麗 Ju, Ming-Li Reference link
    Master’s thesis台灣成人學習者之中譯英錯誤分析 Error Analysis of Chinese-to-English Translations by Adult Taiwanese EFL Students蘇逸寧 Steeby, Nicole廖柏森 Liao, Posen Reference link
    Master’s thesis以放聲思考法探討中英雙向筆譯過程差異之研究 An Analysis of Translation Process and Directionality in Chinese-English Translation: A Think-Aloud Protocol Study李雨衡 Lee, Yu-Heng廖柏森 Liao, Posen Reference link
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